Frostbite Poly Icebox 75L


The Frostbite 75L Poly Icebox is made of premium materials to keep your ice frozen for longer – including ultra-tough roto-moulded construction, extra-thick walls, and quality insulation. If you’re out in the bush with no power, you can rely on this cooler box to keep your food and drinks cold all through your trip.

The 75L capacity gives you all the storage you need for your next trip. The built in rope handles are great for transporting heavy weights.

This size is perfect for anglers that want to preserve their freshly caught fish. Keeping your feed of fish in this ice box will ensure that the eating quality and shelf-life of your catch is top notch.

Whether you’re going to the beach, on a picnic, or off on a camping trip, the Frostbite 75L Poly Icebox will keep your food fresh and your drinks cold, even during Australia’s hot summer months.



  • Perfect for keeping your catch fresh on a fishing trip
  • 75L storage gives plenty of space for food and drinks
  • Fish measure on lid so you can brag about your catch
  • Rope handles make it easy to carry
  • Tough roto mould construction stands up to punishment
  • Dimensions: l816 x w472 x h433mm
  • Tough roto mould construction