Prorack Watercraft Carrier J Style



  • Carries Watercraft on thier side
  • Improves Roof Rack Loadable area
  • Includes Front and Rear Tie downs
  • Carries one watercraft
  • J Cradle kayak carrier


The Prorack Watercraft Carrier (J Style) is compatible with most styles of roof racks. What separates this product from comparable kayak transport solutions is that it carries kayaks on their edge, instead of lying them flat. This means that there is space on the roof racks for other outdoor equipment or for luggage carriers to be mounted. Every little bit of extra space counts when going for extended outdoor adventures.The kayak can be secured in the J-cradle by the 2 included tie-down straps, so you can rest easy knowing that your pride and joy is held tightly in place while in transit. The Prorack Kayak Stand (PR3041) will enable you to take your kayak with you wherever you go, so you can access fishing spots that no one else can get to. Maximise the available space on your roof top by loading your kayak on its edge, thanks to the Prorack Watercraft Carrier (J Style).