Withings Body + Body Composition WI-FI scale


Just step on this advanced & clinically tested smart scale for a body check-up with instant feedback and highly accurate weight & weight trends, BMI, full body composition (body fat and water percentage, plus muscle and bone mass), and much more. Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. And unlike many smart scales, with Wi-Fi sync, you don’t have to have your phone with you while you weigh-in to synchronize your data.



Key Features

The Best Weight Management Companion
Just step on this advanced smart scale for a body check-up with instant feedback and highly accurate weight & weight trends, BMI, full body composition, and much more. 2/3 of weekly Withings scales users lost weight in the first 6 months*
* Withings scale users with an account created from 2016 and 2018.

Full Body Composition Analysis
Body+ analyses what you are made of using advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis. Advanced sensors send an undetectable current that computes body composition using our exclusive MED·INTELLIGENCE to give a precise measure of body composition.

Fat mass: While essential for your body to work, excess fat % can contribute to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

Water %: Water plays a central role in your organs, brain and body temperature. Make sure you meet your water needs before the early signs of dehydration.

Muscle mass: Increasing muscle mass boosts your basal metabolism and helps reduce fat mass.

Bone mass: Keep track of your bone mass to prevent any reduction of its density that could be an important risk for your health.

The Most Accurate Scale
Benefitting from 10 years of expertise of Withings and with several patents registered, Body + provides the most accurate results at every weigh-in, so you can trust your readings.

High Accuracy
Precise measurements up to .2 lb

Position Control™
Patented technology to help you centre yourself for ultimate accuracy

Gravity Compensation
Compensate weight variations due to where the scale is on earth

For the Whole Family
Body+ automatically recognises and tracks up to 8 users. You also get a dedicated weight tracking with insights during your pregnancy and then automatically follow your baby’s weight.

Weather & Activity
Provides a daily local weather forecast and displays previous day’s steps (when using a Withings activity tracker or the app’s built-in tracker).

Full Body Composition Monitoring
Monitors ultra-precisely weight (kg, lb, st), body fat & water %, plus muscle & bone mass.